Beat Energy Price Increases

A Leicestershire borough is leading the way in heat saving tactics by rolling out state of the art vehicles across the town of Melton that pinpoint poorly insulated houses. The HeatSeeker vehicles developed by the Energy Saving Partnership use thermal imaging technology to identify property’s which are lacking sufficient insulation.

With the prolonged cold weather of winter meaning households become more reliant on central heating, ensuring the heat that is generated is being put to good use can have a huge effect in saving money on heating bills. Figures gathered by the Guardian newspaper found 20% of heat is lost through poor ventilation and draughts, while 15% is lost through the roof of a house. It is heat saving tactics such as the HeatSeeker vehicles that really help homes save money on their heating bills and make sure that heat is being retained.

If your boiler and central heating system are a few years old, it might also be worth considering having a power flush done. A power flush will clear the debris in your heating system caused by dirt and the corrosion caused by the combination of air, water and metal.Once the system has been flushed you may find that your heating system vastly improves.

If a power flush does not show any drastic improvements, another way to save money on heating bills and to ensure generated heat is being used efficiently is with the installation of a new condensing boiler. High efficiency condensing boilers recover as much of the waste heat which would escapes from a conventional boiler, converting more than 90% of fuel into heat. 

If you are interested in reducing your heating bills Plumbing Wise can advise you as to the best way to achieve this. Our team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers are not only qualified to install, repair and service boilers; they can also help you to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating system.

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