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With energy prices seeming to be continually on the rise from utility companies, it is becoming increasingly important to improve the energy efficiency of your household and reduce the cost of your energy bills. Since the last quarter of 2012 all of the top 6 gas and electricity providers have made significant increases in their charges for energy . As a direct result, here at Plumbing Wise we are receiving an increasing numbers of our enquiries from customers concerned about their household bills and seeking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The energy minister Greg Barker said that the rise was “unwelcome” for families struggling with household bills. He added that more details on how customers could get the best tariff would be outlined in the Energy Bill in the next few weeks.

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Energy ProviderIncrease
EDF Energy – Gas & Electricity10.8% (Dec 2012)
SSE – Gas & Electricity9% (Oct 2012)
Npower – Gas & Electricity 8.8% on gas, 9.1% on electricity (Nov 2012)
E.On – Gas & Electricity8.7% (Jan 2013)
Scottish Power – Gas & Electricity7% (Dec 2012)
British Gas – Gas & Electricity6% ( Nov 2012)

At Plumbing Wise we are accustomed to having a steady stream of homeowners calling to seek professional advice on how they can improve the efficiency of their gas boiler and central heating system. From a practical point of view one of the most fundamental things you can do, is to make sure that your system is performing as best it can. There are many different ways that we can help to improve the efficiency of your home and reduce your bills. The way in which we approach energy saving is of course dependent on the nature of your home, the boiler and central heating system in place, it’s condition and ultimately its efficiency and suitability for the usage requirements. Essentially there are four main ways that we can help:

1.  Regular boiler servicing

An annual boiler service always helps to improve the efficiency of your heating system and will identify any obvious or potential faults which may hinder the efficiency and safety of your boiler. A regular boiler service from Plumbing Wise can also save you money on replacement parts and repairs, where potential issues are identified in advance. At Plumbing Wise we will always endeavour to improve the efficiency of a serviceable boiler system, rather than simply remove and replace it.

2. Upgrade your boiler

This alone is a cost-saving exercise and not one to be dismissed purely because of the initial costs. Undoubtedly a new gas boiler and central heating systems is the ideal way to go because of the advances in technology. The latest boilers on the market  will of course deliver the best energy saving performance and help to reduce your energy bills, IF the right boiler is chosen. Choosing a boiler system really does depend on your property and usage requirements. Obviously a person living alone in a one bedroom flat has very different requirements to that of a family of four living in a detached house. Our qualified, Gas Safe heating engineers can of course advise you as to the best boiler system for your home based on your usage requirements. We offer a complete range of boilers from the leading manufacturers as well as fixed price packages deals on boiler installations.

3. A Power Flush

Power flushing involves the cleaning of your central heating system and/or boiler. Over time magnetite usually builds up within radiators and pipework and can affect the performance of your heating system and will reduce it’s efficiency. Magnetite or sludge usually consists of a combination of dirt, mites and corroded metals and can be found within any part of your central heating system. If it is left untreated magnetite can also create blockages and as it is corrosive, it may well rot new aluminum heat exchanges that are common place within modern boilers. This can obviously cause the unwelcome expense of repairs and replacement parts, or if the damage is extensive enough, that of a new boiler. Power flushing is advisable both in improving older systems and as par of new boiler and central heating installations. Some of the most obvious ways to spot problems of this nature in an existing system are a noisy heating system, cold spots in the radiators and an increase in bills and repairs needed. Read more about our power flushing service here.

4. Install A Magnaclean

Due to the fact that central heating systems often get clogged with dirty deposits of black iron oxide or magnetite that build-up inside pipes and radiators it is important to consider preventative measures to protect against corrosion and blockages. A Magnaclean is a device designed to reduce the build up of debris in the central heating system and by doing so improving efficiency and prolonging the integrity of your central heating system and boiler.  Quite simply, a Magnaclean uses magnetism to remove the iron deposits into a filter and in so doing so keeps your system relatively clear. We always recommend a Magnaclean as part of any new boiler installation, in order to prolong the lifespan of your system.

As with all boiler and central heating repairs, servicing and installations it in the interests of your own safety to seek the advice of an honest, qualified, Gas Safe heating engineer.

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