Winter Boiler Repairs

One of the most common central heating and boiler faults that occurs when we experience winter freezes and snow causes modern condensing boilers to shut down and stop working.

Condensing boilers typically have plastic condenser pipes coming out of them and running outside of the building in order to a drain off excess vapour. If these pipes are inadequately insulated the water (the condensation by-product from all condensation boilers) in this pipe then freezes. In turn, this is then detected by a sensor inside the boiler, which causes the boiler to shut off. This is a relatively simple problem to remedy and measures can be made to avoid repeat occurrences. If you are encountering this problem with your boiler, we have a few suggestions to help you remedy the situation yourself, but we are always here to help if this does not work for your boiler.

Our Advice:

  1. Boil a kettle of water and run the hot water along the pipe to unfreeze the pipe. Press the reset button on your boiler.
  2. Make sure the condensation pipe is run out of the boiler at a sufficient downward angle to drain off.
  3. Ensure that the pipe coming out of the boiler is insulated properly by using external lagging.
  4.  If you are having a new boiler installed, ensure the Heating engineer is carrying out the following procedures:
    • If possible have the pipe run to an external waste ( ie under the kitchen sink.
    • If the pipe has to go outside, ensure for any runs under 2 metres, that the points outlined in 2, are covered.
    • If the pipe to the drain is longer than 2 metres, ensure that the pipe is run in 1 ¼” plastic pipe to ensure no freezing.
    • Opt for a boiler (eg the Vailant EcoTEC range) that has the new designed condensation emission process built in. ie boilers that emit the condensation from the boiler less frequently but in larger volumes so as to increase the flow of water at one time to prevent freezing.

This of course something that Plumbing Wise can assist you with. In fact, just recently we had a call from a couple in North London who had a problem with their boiler. On inspecting the system at their Edwardian property, Andy from Plumbing Wise was quickly able to identify this as the problem. To fix it he installed an insulated  1 ¼” pipe at the rear to the outside drain, which ensured there would be no freezing of the condensated water. The boiler now functions perfectly

As with all boiler and central heating faults, it is in the interests of your own safety and always wise to seek the advice of an honest, qualified, Gas Safe heating engineer.

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