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Identifying Problems With Boilers

There are a number of things that can wrong with a boiler and central heating system, particularly as it gets older. Unless there has been something go disastrously wrong, it can usually be remedied with some repairs, replacement parts,adjustments or perhaps a power flush of the heating system. The most important part of the process is having a qualified and experienced heating engineer to perform and inspection and diagnose the fault.

Need an Annual Boiler Service?

Maintaining the central heating system in your home is essential to keeping your boiler in good working order. An boiler annual service is important to not only keep your household safe, but it can also help avoid the inconvenience and expense of a boiler breakdown. At Plumbing Wise we always endorse the value of an annual boiler service, which is important for the following reasons:


  • Safety checks for gas and CO2 leaks
  • To avoid boiler breakdowns
  • Pre-empting a failure or fault
  • Preventative maintenance can reduce the extent and cost of repairs
  • To maintain the efficiency of your heating

Boiler Repairs

Common signs that your boiler is in need of repair include a sudden rise in your heating bills and noises coming from your central heating system. This indicates a decrease in the systems efficiency and will continue to affect your monthly bills if not dealt with properly by a qualified heating engineer.

If you have had a boiler breakdown, are in need of boiler repairs our experienced Gas Safe registered boiler engineers are on hand to help. With a depth of experience come knowledge of how to make the necessary repairs both safely and economically. Our heating engineers always of professional advice once they have assessed a boiler. In some cases it may require a small repair with perhaps a replacement part, in others it may be more viable to install a replacement boiler. At Plumbing Wise, where possible, we will always endeavour to repair your boiler on the first visit, but if we feel it is in your interest to replace the boiler we will advise accordingly. This is all part of the quality service that we offer all of our customers.

Power Flushing Your Central Heating System

A power flush is a process of cleaning the pipes and radiators connected to your central heating system. Typically over a course of years the combination of metal, air and water causes corrosion to your system which results in deposits building up inside your pipes and radiators. This build up causes blockages which can affect the performance of your heating and cause damage to your boiler.

To power flush your heating we use a specialised machine to pump chemicals through the system and flush out the dirt and debris. In some cases this can take a number of flushes, but the end result can drastically improve your heating systems performance and avoid damage to your boiler.

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