Replacement Boiler & Underfloor Heating Installation, Islington

  • Boiler and underfloor heating installation Islington

Replacement Boiler & Underfloor Heating Installation, Islington

  • Boiler installation Islington
  • Boiler and underfloor heating installation Islington

Plumbing Wise recently completed a replacement boiler and underfloor heating installation in Islington, North London.

The property in Islington was undergoing a complete refurbishment with renovations throughout and an extension. The homeowner rightly called us in ahead of the plasterers and decorators, so that we could complete the installation prior to them going in.

Having made an initial visit to meet the clients and assess their heating requirements, our expert heating engineer recommended a Vaillant ecoTEC 630 – system boiler with a Megaflo hot water tank to give them a good supply of hot water ‘on-demand’. The clients also wanted underfloor heating throughout both floors, so as to do away with unsightly radiators.

Naturally, we offered professional advice and provided a complete, obligation-free quotation. Impressed with our professionalism, advice and pricing, we were asked to complete the boiler installation, underfloor heating and additional pipework.

Arriving on-site, our first task was to remove the old existing back boiler, which was installed within the chimney breast behind the fireplace. Once the boiler was safely decommissioned and disconnected we were able to remove and dispose of it. Having identified the site of the new boiler installation, our heating engineers then set-about installing the new pipework in the kitchen utility area.

As you can see from the picture of the boiler installation, there was a complex set of pipework installed – this is largely down to the underfloor heating we installed at the property.

Boiler Installation with Megaflo Cylinder and underfloor heating

Installation of a Heatre Sadia Megflo Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

To cope with the increased demand for hot water in the extended property, we installed a Megaflo cylinder as part of the central heating system, to maintain a supply of hot water ‘on-demand’. Heatrae Sadia’s MEGAFLO Eco cylinders continue to be the market leader in the unvented cylinder market. Its unique patented internal floating baffle expansion system, performance and reliability make it the cylinder of choice for Plumbing Wise.

Megaflo unvented hot water cylinders are fed directly by the cold water mains supply and offer considerable advantages over conventional hot water cylinders. these include; higher water pressure and flow rates for hot taps, balanced hot and cold water supplies, and there are no special taps required.


Underfloor Heating Installation

We installed underfloor heating on both floors of this house in Islington.

Underfloor heating is a great alternative to having radiators installed in each room.

In this installation we installed underfloor heating over the concrete floors of the ground floor. Firstly we fitted the insulation layer. We then looped the underfloor heating pipework across it to cover it in a uniform pattern. Once the pipework  was laid, our heating engineers fitted the pipework, the manifold was installed; which connects the pipes into the boiler. We also fitted an Adey Magnaclean unit to protect the new boiler from any dirt and gunge build-up in the pipework.

Once the underfloor heating was connected, we performed a comprehensive heating system test, to ensure the boiler and entire heating was performing efficiently. Once testing was complete and we were satisfied the pipework was performing properly, the builders were then able to begin screeding the floors immediately afterward, in order to protect the pipes.

On the first floor the underfloor heating was installed using insulation trays, which were fitted between the joists in the floor. You can see these in the picture at the top.

Plumbing Wise offer boiler and central heating installations across the London Borough of Islington, taking in Highbury and Islington, Angel, Archway, Clerkenwell Finsbury Park, Highgate, Holloway, Newington Green, Tufnell Park and the surrounding areas in North London.

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