Our Essential Guide To New Boiler Installations

Our Essential Guide To New Boiler Installations2018-10-16T15:24:00+01:00
Guide to Buying and Installing A New Boiler

When faced with installing a new central heating boiler system there are many factors to consider when deciding which boiler is most suitable for your home and usage requirements, and which heating engineer to install and maintain it for you.

To make an informed decision you will need to consider practicality, safety, energy efficiency and economical aspects, all of which can vary according to the type and size of your property and usage requirements of your household.

As with any sizeable investment, it is wise to do some research to get a grasp of the essential options and the factors which determine what is right for you. This will enable you to make an informed decision before parting with your money.

Whether you decide to use Plumbing Wise or not, we hope that our ‘Essential Guide’ will help you get a greater understanding of your options and what may be most suitable for your home and its heating requirements.

There are 4 essential considerations

  • Expert Professional Advice
  • Gas Safe Installation & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency & Usage Requirements
  • Price & Value

To address the 4 considerations there are 3 key questions:

  • How do I choose a heating engineer to install my new boiler system?
  • What are the important installation considerations?
  • Which boiler is the most suitable, reliable, energy efficient solution for my home?

Choosing a heating engineer to install your new boiler


First and foremost, we are dealing with gas, so a safe pair of hands to install your boiler system is the right place to start.

For your own safety, it is imperative that any Heating Engineer doing any kind of installation or repairs in your home is Gas Safe Registered. The Gas Safe Register (formerly known as Corgi) is the official gas registration body for the UK appointed by the Health and Safety Executive. By law ALL gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register, which is an official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances. The registration provides them with an ID card which enables them to show that they are approved to perform installations safely and have a level of competency which is acceptable to the industry body. For your own peace of mind, if you have any doubt about a gas engineers credentials, you can easily check and verify that they are on the Gas Safe Register via the official website at www.gassaferegister.co.uk

How Does The Gas Safe Register Protect You?

  • A Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer has the competency and experience to safely install a boiler system.
  • You can verify if the company and/or the engineer Gas Safe Registered? (www.gassaferegister.co.uk)
  • If anything goes wrong or you have a complaint; you are protected by a Registered Legal Body.

Useful Questions To Ask:

  • How many years have they been in business?
  • Do they have proven track record ? Seek recommendations and testimonials.
  • Ask to see the company and/or heating engineers Gas Safe Register ID card.
  • Do they have a ‘Public Liability Insurance’ policy in place?
  • What warranties do they provide for the boiler, parts and labour?
  • Ask for a full breakdown of costs in a legally binding quotation?
  • Do they offer a boiler servicing and maintenance programme?

Installation Considerations

Gas Rates & Boiler Connections

In order to meet gas regulations and manufacturers’ warranty requirements it is imperative that the gas supply to your boiler is sufficient.

This is all the more reason to use an experienced Gas Safe heating engineer. It is not always determinable if the existing boiler is not currently working and so it might be necessary for your gas supply to be upgraded. As a general rule, if there is a 22mm gas supply to your boiler and the gas meter is not too far away then the supply should be good enough. However, if the supply of gas is insufficient, the following charges for re-running a gas line will apply. (Please note that these will ordinarily be included within the Fixed Price Quote that we provide our customers, (unless it is actually not possible to trace the gas supply from the meter to the boiler).

Gas Line Length


0-2m Free of charge
2-4m £50.00
4-6m £100.00
6-10m £165.00


Condense Lines

All the boilers that are installed now have to be of the Condensing type. As mentioned, they are the most efficient boilers available. They recover as much of the waste heat which would escape from the flue of a conventional boiler.

The by-product of this is in an acidic water form and has to be taken away from the boiler to a drain or a soak-away. Ideally, we will try to terminate this condense line to position internally within the property. However, this is not always possible and so sometimes will have to be run externally.

When this is the case, we will ensure that the condense pipe is properly lagged, securely clipped and run in 22mm Condense Line for no more than 2 metres. Longer runs will be increased in size to 1’ ¼” waste pipe. This will ensure no freezing of the condense line pipework which is becoming so prevalent of recent years.

Boiler condensate trace

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Choosing the most suitable, reliable and energy efficient boiler

Choosing a replacement boiler and installer

Okay, so now you have whittled down your list of preferred, qualified boiler installers you will now need to obtain written quotations so you can consider the options put forward to you.

It is essential to note that although the price of a boiler and installation is an important consideration, your safety is of course much greater importance.  A poor choice of boiler system, or installing it in the wrong location might enable you to cut costs at the outset, but often proves to be a false economy which could also put you at risk further down the line. If the wrong boiler is chosen or the boiler installed incorrectly, or worse still illegally, and does not comply with safety regulations, you may find yourself paying out again to put it right. We are frequently called in to repair or replace systems that have be installed on that basis by other installers.

Choosing Your Boiler

There are many factors and options to consider when choosing which boiler is best suited to your requirements. The type of property and usage are the key factors, but you will also need to consider the site of the boiler and your budget.

We have produced a Guide To Choosing A Boiler to provide you with the essential information, but it is always wise to obtain professional advice. One of our experienced heating engineers will be able to guide you through the available options and help you decide which boiler is suitable for your requirements.

Useful information and guides to help you:

Obtain A Full Quotation

It is always advisable to get more than one full quotation, so that you can compare and contrast the proposals, product options and prices.

It is at this point that a quote with a breakdown of what is included in the price becomes most important, because prices can vary drastically depending on the type, model and manufacturer of the boiler, additional fittings and parts (such as a Magnaclean Unit), and the incumbent labour costs for the boiler installation and any additional services such as a power flush of the heating system.

Decision Time – Choosing Your Boiler And Heating Installer

Having had your choice of Gas Safe Boiler Engineers visit and asses your property you should now have been given professional advice, recommendations and full quotations for the supply and installation our your new boiler system.

It is important to note that whilst some quotations may appear cheaper on face-value, on closer inspection, with a clear breakdown  of what is included, you will often find that one installer may have omitted certain parts or services to keep the cost down and beat the competition. Having a clear idea of what you need and what is included will help you avoid any unexpected additional costs once the work is under way.

Okay, so now your are ready to make a decision… right?

Or perhaps your head is spinning a little…. so lets try to be clarify what you need to do. Ultimately, before you arrive at a decision, you need to make sure that you have suitable and comparable like-for-like quotations for your home (whilst these don’t need to be identical, a close match helps).

The following steps will help you decide which of the quotes to choose:

Comparing Quotes & Getting The Best Deal

Boiler installation quotations
  • Which heating engineer made you feel the most confident in their experience, ability and the standard of their work?

  • Check there is a clear and comprehensive breakdown and everything you have spoken about is covered in the price.

  • Compare the specification of equipment, fittings and labour, so that quotes are judged on a like-for-like basis.

  • Which quotation includes the most suitable recommendations and highest quality products and services?

  • Are there any extras added-in or omitted? Eg. a power flush and a Magnaclean unit? – This effects the performance and may invalidate the manufacturers warranty.

  • Remember, if they are all competitively priced, it does not always mean the cheapest is the best.

Hopefully our ‘Essential Guide’ has been informative and provided you with some valuable advice on both your choice of boiler and installation company. Should you need any further assistance, please be sure to contact Plumbing Wise.

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