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Quality at a sensible price

If you are looking to have a boiler and central heating system installed we’d like to hear from you.

At Plumbing Wise we offer a supply and installation service on boilers and central heating systems that few can match. We believe that you will find it difficult to find the same quality for a cheaper price on a like-for-like basis.

As part of all boiler and heating installations Plumbing Wise are pleased to offer the following:

  •  A FREE home quotation with no obligation
  • Professional advice from our Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers
  • A Power Flush as standard on a new boiler installation
  • A FREE reminder scheme for your annual boiler service

When installing a new boiler it is paramount to make sure that your existing heating system is cleared of any debris caused by the corrosive nature of combining water, air and metal. A new boiler system can easily be damaged if there is dirt in the system, which is why it is often a requirement of a manufacturers warranty. At Plumbing Wise we usually perform a power flush as standard.

Boiler installation quotations

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Quoting For YOUR Exact Requirements

At Plumbing Wise our heating engineers will quote specifically for your requirements. Our quotations are based on installing a boiler or central heating system that is best suited to your property size and type, as well as your household’s usage requirements.

Our heating engineers are happy to discuss the product and system set-up options, as well as all aspects of the installation. They make recommendations and present the choices open to you. Once you have decided what options to go for, you will be provided with a full quotation containing a breakdown of everything that is included. This will cover the make and model of boiler and any system components, parts and labour.

We also offer package deals on boiler installations.

  • SAFETY FIRST – Our team are Gas Safe heating engineers with expertise and experience.
  • PROFESSIONAL – Expert advice ensuring the system suits your specific home and usage requirements.
  • TRANSPARENT QUOTES – Clear and concise quotes detailing all aspects with no hidden extras.
  • QUALITY – Products, parts and installations backed with a warranty.
  • VALUE – Our products and installation prices are very competitive.
  • SERVICE – When your boiler is due for a service, who better to take care of it than the people who installed it!

Comparative Quotations

As with most purchases these days, we are sure that you will look for price comparisons for installing a new boiler and central heating system. As a competitive local heating specialist, we are always looking to provide great value for our customers. We will always endeavour to match the price of any like-for-like written quotation from another supplier and installer.

This is where it can of course become a little complicated and confusing. There are many factors and options to consider. In the first instance, you might find our Essential Guide To Buying And Installing A Boiler useful reading to give you a few pointers.

Once you have had a look around at what is available, and perhaps spoken to a few local suppliers you will start to get a feel for the options and prices involved. Comparing quotations from different installers can be confusing, as the specific boiler and what is included in the installation can vary dramatically. It is imperative to check all the finer details so you know what is included. Choosing the right boiler and having a power flush can make a huge difference to the overall costs, especially if things go wrong.

Comparing Quotes & Getting The Best Deal

  • Which heating engineer made you feel the most confident in their experience, ability and the standard of their work?

  • Check there is a clear and comprehensive breakdown and everything you have spoken about is covered in the price.

  • Compare the specification of equipment, fittings and labour, so that quotes are judged on a like-for-like basis.

  • Which quotation includes the most suitable recommendations and highest quality products and services?

  • Are there any extras added-in or omitted? Eg. a power flush and a Magnaclean unit? – This effects the performance and may invalidate the manufacturers warranty.

  • Remember, if they are all competitively priced, it does not always mean the cheapest is the best.

Contact us to arrange an obligation free quotation on a boiler and central heating installation.

Plumbing Wise offer boiler installations, servicing, maintenance and repairs across the whole of the whole of North, North East and North West London and into surrounding areas in Hertfordshire and Essex.

Call us on:
020 8362 1389

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