Boiler Repair Prices

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Boiler Repairs and Parts

Transparent pricing on boiler and heating repairs

From a labour point of view, Plumbing Wise charges are calculated at £130.00 +VAT for the first 2 hours and then £32.50 +VAT per hour for any hours thereafter.

No Mark-up On Parts

When Plumbing Wise repair your boiler or central heating system, we are one of the few plumbing and heating companies that will not add money to the cost of the boiler or heating system parts required to repair your boiler. If you wish, we are happy to provide a proof of purchase from our suppliers as evidence of this part of the repair cost.

In the diagram above we have highlighted a number of common faults in boiler components on a typical combination boiler (in this instance a Vaillant EcoTec Plus 28kw). The prices are a rough guide and are based on the typical cost for the parts or materials and the labour of one of our heating engineers to complete the repairs, (not inclusive of VAT). It is important to note that all of the prices shown relate to this specific model and that our prices are subject to the make, model, the price of parts and materials from our suppliers, and the labour required to repair any specific fault.

Plumbing Wise boiler repairs

The Plumbing Wise Promise: We aim to repair the boiler on the first visit.

When we are called out to repair a boiler; 85% of the boiler breakdowns are repaired within our first visit. This is because Plumbing Wise boiler and heating engineers are qualified, experienced and Gas Safe registered, as well as fully insured. As part of our commitment to providing an excellence in boiler repairs and servicing our engineers participate in diagnostic training days at the factories of the main boiler manufacturers on the UK market.

We try to repair not just replace the boiler

When you have a boiler breakdown it does not necessarily mean that you need a boiler replacement. In fact it is estimated that 70-80% of boiler faults and that cause a breakdown can be repaired. At Plumbing Wise we will always aim to diagnose the boiler fault and repair it rather than simply opt to rip out your boiler system and replace it. That said, it is also important to be aware that today’s gas boilers are totally different to old fashioned  ‘back boilers’ as they are designed to take advantage of modern technology and its efficiency gains. To take full advantage of a modern boiler system the initial installation, power flushing and regular servicing is critical to a sustain the boilers lifespan.