New And Replacement Boilers

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New And Replacement Boilers

Gas boilers have a habit of going wrong exactly when you least expect them to, and certainly when you least want them to. At Plumbing Wise we always endeavour to repair your boiler where possible in the first instance; in order to provide a cost effective solution, which can quickly remedy the problem as cheaply and as safely as possible. Indeed if you notice a strong smell of gas or a lack of pressure, these are often problems that can be addressed very quickly and easily. Furthermore, a boiler breakdown requiring boiler repairs and replacement parts does not necessarily need to be expensive either. The replacement of a diverter valve, pump or expansion vessel are again relatively easy components to replace.

There will be instances when it is not practical or economically viable to repair a boiler. It may be the case that the boiler is so old that parts are no longer readily available, or that the components of the boiler are so worn that the cost of replacement parts is greater than the price of a new boiler. Our experienced boiler engineers are always happy to offer professional advice on whether a boiler replacement or upgrade is the best option.

Boiler Installations Include A Magnaclean Unit

Magnaclean Unit

Unless you specifically ask us not to, our quotation will include in the installation a Magnaclean Unit (pipework permitting). This is a fantastic heating system accessory that is relatively new to the industry, but one that is already showing huge benefits in the reduction of sludge and magnetite entering the boiler from the central heating system which causes corrosive damage to your boiler.

We will be happy to provide you with a free quotation of works based on the boiler size best suited to your property, and if you have a preferred boiler type, we will gladly quote for a make and model of your choice.

Gas Safety And Warranty

After every new and replacement boiler installation, we provide our customers with a Gas Safety Certificate, a boiler warranty and all of the information regarding the installation work carried out will be passed on to the Gas Safe Registration Body. This is not compulsory but it is required in order to comply with Building Regulations Part L.

Plumbing Wise typically installs the following manufacturers replacement boiler systems, although we will happily supply and fit a boiler in accordance with your own preferences.

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