Boiler Service And Repairs in Highbury And Islington

Boiler Service And Repairs in Highbury And Islington

Boiler Service and Repairs Islington

Plumbing Wise recently had a call from one of our customers in Highbury Park in Islington to complete a boiler and central heating service, as well as servicing all of the gas fires. This 10 bedroom house in Islington, being  particularly large, has two Vaillant boilers and pumps, a megaflow tank, connecting pipework and 6 gas fires to be serviced.

As always, a regular boiler service is advisable to keep your property safe and warm. For a property of this size it is perhaps more important to have an annual boiler and central heating service; simply because of the scale of the heating system and the potential cost of repairs if it is not maintained properly and goes wrong. That said, with regular servicing we have been able to maintain the heating system and keep it in good working order; so the chances of a boiler fault or breakdown are of course greatly reduced.

As you can see from the pictures above; Peter our heating engineer was on site working amongst the central heating system, where there are two Vaillant boilers and a considerable amount of pipework. Peter initially performed an inspection of the boilers to check ensure first and foremost that were safe and fit for use. From the inspection, he can then ascertain if the boiler is burning correctly with the correct operating pressure, so that it performs efficiently. This usually identfies any faults or potential issues that may need attention. In this case the boilers were working just fine, so the annual service will serve to help maintain them for the future.

The benefits of an annual boiler service

  • An annual service may be required to retain the manufacturers warranty on your boiler
  • A regular service check will ensure that your boiler and heating system remains safe to use
  • To check your boiler is burning correctly with the correct operating pressure
  • With regular checks we can keep your boiler working at an optimal performance
  • Regular servicing usually extends lifespan of your boiler
  • As part of a boiler service we empty the magnaclean unit and keep the system clean
  • If there is a boiler fault developing  we can pre-empt it and minimise any damage
  • Peace of mind; knowing you and your family are safe

As with all boiler and central heating servicing and maintenance, you should always use a Gas Safe heating engineer.

An annual boiler service by one of our Gas Safe Heating Engineers is just £80.00 +vat.

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At Plumbing Wise we offer boiler servicing and maintenance, repairs and installations in Highbury and Islington, Holloway, Finsbury Park, Drayton Park, Camden and across the whole of North, North West, North East London area.

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