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Plumbing Wise offer a complete annual boiler servicing and central heating maintenance service which is designed to ensure that your entire gas central heating system continues to perform safely and efficiently.

Why have an annual boiler service?

Whilst your boiler and central heating system might appear to be working well, it is always important to have a qualified heating engineer perform an annual boiler service to check the system is performing safely and efficiently. As part of a boiler service our heating engineers will be able to make any adjustments that are needed, pre-empt and potential faults or failures and repair or replace any existing parts that are begining to show the signs of wear and tear.

Regular servicing will not only maintain the safety and efficiency of your boiler, but it can also help extend it’s lifespan and reduce the maintenance costs, by helping to avoid a breakdown, which can result in additional costs for parts and repairs.

  • SAVE MONEY: Lower heating bills through greater efficiency
  • SAFETY: Checked by a qualified GAS SAFE heating engineer for dangerous gas and CO2 leaks or faults.
  • PREVENTATIVE: Pre-emptive checks help safeguard your heating system against breakdowns.
  • PROTECT: Yourself, your family and extend the life of your boiler system.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Reduce your carbon footprint by minimising your CO2 emissions.

What does an annual boiler service include?

As part of an annual boiler service our customers are issued with a Gas Safety Certificate (when it passes the test), coupled with a print out of the reading from the Combustion Analysis test.

As part of our service for any new and replacement boiler installations performed by Plumbing Wise, we will typically contact you after 10 and 11 months to remind you to arrange your first annual boiler service. We can also provide a reminder service for existing boiler servicing if required. Please ask our heating engineer to add you to our reminder list.

We are also able to carry out servicing on the following appliances:

  • Gas heaters and fires
  • Gas cookers and hobs*
  • Gas soundness, electricity continuity tests and safety valve mechanism checks.
  • Combustion Analysis tests (in accordance with Health and Safety regulations).
  • Adjustment of the burner pressure to improve the boiler efficiency.
  • General clean out of the boilers heat exchangers/burners if necessary.
  • Emptying of any condensate trap waste

Gas Safety Certificates

It is a legal requirement for Landlords to have an annual Gas Safety inspection carried out on all of their gas appliances every year in order to show that they have been properly installed, serviced and are safe to use. Plumbing Wise gas and heating engineers are qualified to carry out these safety checks and to provide a Gas Safety Certificate for landlords, tenants and estate or lettings agents.

For more information on Landlord Gas Safety Certificates click here

 Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide (CO2)

Carbon Monoxide is a by-product of gas fuelled appliances which can be potentially fatal if one of your appliances isleaking from any one of your gas products. It is estimated that around 50 deaths a year in the UK alone, are attributed to carbon monoxide leakages, so it is imperitive that any leaks are not left untreated. If for just this reason alone, it is worth having your boiler serviced every year to reduce the risk of this happening. Our highly trained Boiler Engineers are equipped with the necessary equipment and expertise to both trace and repair such a leak within a short time.

By arranging an annual boiler service with Plumbing Wise you can rest assured in the knowledge that your appliances are safe, efficient and will last longer.

For more information on Carbon Monoxide safety visit the Carbon Monoxide Be Alarmed website.

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