5 Reasons To Power Flush Your Central Heating System

  • Power Flushing Central Heating

5 Reasons To Power Flush Your Central Heating System

Power Flushing Central Heating

As part of a new boiler and central heating installation in Stroud Green, North London, Plumbing Wise performed a power flush to remove dirt and debris from the central heating pipework. This was not only to improve the efficiency of the heating system, but to ensure that the new Vaillant boiler installed qualified for the 5 year Vaillant Warranty.

In this instance, the heating system was very old and had been poorly mainted, so we powerflushed it TWICE using our semi- commercial Kamco power flush machine. We attached a 28mm magnaclean to the powerflush machine to improve the cleaning further still, as this magnetic unit attracts the metal debris in the system. Above you can see pictures of our heating engineers using power flush equipment, as well as the magnaclean unit. You can see the horrible grime and sludge that was collected on the magnaclean unit. We then used a system cleaner called DX2, which is the best cleaning agent to heating clean pipes with (and not the un-branded variety often used by others, which shifts nothing). Once the power flush was completed, we then introduced neutralising crystals and an inhibitor  to maintain the system’s cleanliness. A magnaclean unit was then installed on the return pipe of the heating system to protect the new boiler from further magnitite deposits.

So, ‘Why?’ might you ask would you power flush a central heating system?

1. New Boiler Installations:

If you are having a new boiler installation it is important to have a power flush because:

  • If you have a build up of debris, sludge and magnitite in your system it is likely to damage your new boiler
  • Many boiler manufacturers require a power flush to qualify for their warranties
  • It removes magnetite, which can build up within your radiators and pipework which affects the performance of your heating

2. Prevent Damage To Your Boiler

As the sludge or magnetite that build up in your central heating pipework is corrosive, it will cause the aluminum heat exchanges that are common place within modern boilers to rot. This can be expensive and a power flush is comparatively in-expensive when you look at the cost of parts and labour to repair or replace a boiler.

3. Reduce Heating Bills

Have you found that apart from the steady increase it fuel costs, your heating bills seem to be getting more expensive? Any easy way to compare this is to ask your neighbours, or family and friends with similar households. If this is the case, you may find that the cause is a build up of magnitite in your pipework.

4. Cold Spots On Radiators

If you finding cold spots on your radiators this is usually caused by a build up of magnetite or sludge which is made up of a combination of dirt, mites and corroded metals. This build-up restrict the flow of the water and heat within the system; so you do not get an even distribution of heat in your radiators. If left untreated, this can lead to greater blockages and corrosion of your heating system.

5. A Noisy Heating System

Have you noticed that the pipes and radiators in your central heating system are making more and more noise? This is one of the easiest ways of detecting a build up magnitite in your central heating. The noise is caused by the heating system struggling to deal with the debris and blockages caused by sludge and magnitite in your pipes and radiators.

If you are experiencing points 3, 4 and/or 5 – a power flush is likely to help solve the problem for you.

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