Power Flush Central Heating

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Power flushing central heating systems

Power Flushing Central Heating Systems

Are you experiencing problems with the performance of your central heating system?

A power flush might be just what you need!  A power flush is designed to clean the pipes and radiators of a central heating system and/or the boiler, and it can dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of your system.

Over time magnetite builds-up within your radiators and pipework causing blockages which then reduce the performance of your central heating. Magnetite is a sludge that is made up of a combination of dirt, scale, mites and rust from corroded metals.

Magnitite not only creates cold spots within your radiators, but if left untreated can also create blockages. More importantly, it is corrosive, so it may cause the aluminum heat exchanges, which are common place within modern boilers, to become damaged. This can mean replacing them, which is an expense that can be avoided, and is why when installing a new boiler, we usually insist on performing a power flush as part of the process.

One of the easiest ways to tell if a heating system needs a power flush is that the system becomes noisy. Obvious signs are noisy pipes and radiators. Another common sign is that your radiators do not heat up properly and you find cold spots on them when your heating is on.

Why Power flush central heating?

Common Symptoms That Indicate A Power Flush Will Help:

  • Radiators have cold spots, are partly or completely cold
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Radiators with pinhole perforation and leakage
  • Repeated pump, valve and other part failures
  • Corrosion deposits in pump casing
  • Strange and unpleasant noises from the boiler, pipework and radiators, particularly when it is working at its hardest
  • Cold feed pipe blocking up with corrosion or scale deposit
  • Dirty colouration of the heating water (evident in the F and E tank in the attic typically)

When we install replacement boilers a power flush is usually carried out, unless the client specifically asks us not to perform one, or if we think that the system is too old or weak ( see ‘What happens when a ‘power’ flush may not be possible?’) to handle pumped water being put through it.

As part of a replacement boiler installation most manufacturers recommend a power flush in order to increase the lifespan of the boiler. In fact it is quite common for manufacturers to require a power flush as part of qualifying for warranties on new boilers. In fact some are deemed invalid without a power flush being performed as part of the boiler installation process.

power-flushWe use a power flushing machine, which is essentially a device with a pump that is then attached to the central heating system at a particular point. Once connected, the machine is used to pump fresh water and cleaning chemicals (Fernox) through the whole central heating system to clean and flush all the dirt and debris out of the pipes and radiators and released out of the system. Depending on the condition of your heating system, a power flush may need to be performed several times to thoroughly clean the system throughout. Finally, once the heating system and boiler are cleaned, we then fill the system up again introducing Neutralising crystals and Inhibitor to protect your central heating system for the long term.

At Plumbing Wise a power flush is a typical power flush process usually takes between 4 and 8 hours to do, and there is absolutely no mess.

In certain situations it might not be suitable for a Power flush to be carried out. If, for example, the pipework, the radiator valves and/ or the radiators are so old that performing a  power flush might lead to potential leaking issues. In this event a chemical flush (without the pump machine) and the installation of a Magnaclean unit might be more sensible. Our plumbing and heating engineers will advise when this is deemed necessary.

Power flushing central heating system

Power Flush Deal

A power flush of your central heating system includes all the chemicals and inhibitors, power flushed to BS7593 standards. The price of £325.00 includes up to 5 radiators as well as valves and circuits. Additional radiators are charged at £35.00 per radiator thereafter. We also offer the supply and fit of a Magnaclean Unit for £150.00 when combined with a Power flush. (All prices quoted are plus V.A.T @ 20%).
MagnaClean Unit

MagnaClean Unit Installation Deal

We offer the supply and fit of a MagnaClean Unit for £150.00 when combined with a Power flush. (All prices quoted are plus V.A.T @ 20%). By installing an Adey MagnaClean central heating magnetic filter unit you can protect your central heating system from sludge, dirt and debris which can cause corrosive damage to your boiler and heating system. These user serviceable devices will help maintain the performance and extend the life of your heating system.

Plumbing Wise power flush central heating systems across North, NE and NW London and the surrounding areas into Hertfordshire and Essex.

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*If, in the unlikely event, that there are any leaks resulting from a power flush, then Plumbing Wise is in no way liable for any damage as we cannot determine the strengths or integrity of the pipework or appliances within a property. We can merely make a general assessment that is all.