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The Tado Smart Thermostat

Typically heating counts for 60% of an average household’s energy bill. Tado°  are one of the leading manufacturers of smart thermostats which replace old fashioned thermostats with a new intelligent solution designed to help you save energy and reduce your heating costs. In fact the savings are expected to be that great that Tado state that “it will pay for itself in under a year”.

The Tado° Smart Thermostat is the central element in your home where you can see the current temperature as well as set or alter the setpoint temperature.

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Tado Manages Your Heating For You

A tado° smart thermostat helps to make sure that no energy is wasted in your home.

Once you have the thermostat setup to work with the Smartphone App, tado° uses geo-fence technology to detect how far away you are from your home, so it can sense when you are getting nearer to home and knows how to warm-up your home efficiently, so that it is comfortable for your return. It also works in reversel in that it adjusts the temperature to an optimal level when the last person leaves the home. According to tado° “this cuts overall heating costs by up to 31%. In the UK that’s a whopping £1000 in just 5 years”.

Integrating With Your Heating System

Generally speaking, as long as your heating system is in good working order, it does not matter which type of heating system that you have in your home, or which manufacturer. The tado° Smart Thermostat is designed to work with virtually all types of systems including combi, system and heat-only boilers, condensing and conventional boilers, zoned systems, electric underfloor systems and heat pumps.

That said, when it comes to fitting a tado° Smart Thermostat our experienced heating engineers will always assess your heating system and offer free professional advice and recommendations on any modifications or improvements that you may need to consider in order to benefit from the smart thermostat and optimise your heating system’s efficiency.

Have a thermostat on the wall?

Usually it is simply a case of replacing the old thermostat with the new tado° Smart Thermostat. All types of digital, analog or relay controlled heating thermostat can be replaced.

If you have a heating programmer for your hot water attached to your boiler, the Tado Extension Kit can replace it and fits the UK standard backplate, so you can easily control your hot water too without the need for rewiring.

The Smartphone App

The tado° Smart Thermostat connects to the internet via your household internet access. The Smart Thermostat and your mobile devices are connected via a secure cloud server.

The tado mobile app communicates with the Smart Thermostat, telling it where you are, so it knows when to adjust the heating. The app itself always displays the temperature at home and enables you to change any of the settings from wherever you are.

You can always go ‘back to basics’ and control your heating via the Smart Thermostat if your internet connection goes down – this just temporarily prevents control via your phone or the web app. You can also access your tado° system and all settings by logging in at tado.com/login

There is also a report feature (on the mobile app and the web app), which gives you a detailed overview of the temperature at home and the heating times.

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