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Today’s high tech heating and hot water systems offer many advantages over old fashioned boilers and cylinders, including energy savings, and benefits to the environment.

At Plumbing Wise we know the importance of the pressure of incoming mains water supply when choosing a modern, energy efficient hot water heating appliance and how critical it is if we are to deliver the water performance our customers expect. After all, there is little point investing in the latest energy efficient cylinder or combination boiler and high performance showers, only to be disappointed when they fail to live up to their performance claims simply because of poor water pressure and flow rates at your home.

Solving Problems With Water Pressure

One solution to combat the issues caused by low water pressure is to install an electric pump and an old fashioned “open tank”,  but here at Plumbing Wise we have been looking for an alternative solution that is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Having researched a wide range of products we have no hesitation in endorsing the MainsBoost™ range of Water Performance Systems.

MainsBoost™ Water Performance Systems are specifically designed to stabilise water pressure and dramatically improve water flow to all direct on mains appliances; delivering improved performance whether it`s from an unvented cylinder or a combination boiler and high performance showerheads etc. allowing the possibility to run multiple outlets simultaneously!

Imagine filling a bath, running a shower and flushing a toilet all at the same time, with no reduction in water flow…see how it’s done in this video:

It’s all about simple but effective water boosting technology. The advantage of simple technology is reliability, and the benefit of quality is longevity, which makes the MainsBoost™ range of products our preferred choice for all our customers.

How it works (the technical bit)

The increase in water performance is achieved by the MainsBoost™ Water Performance system’s patented accumulator technology, using “green energy” to capture a volume of wholesome water “locked and loaded” at pressure in a sealed hygienic container, ready for use. When a tap is opened or shower is turned on, water is released under pressure to every outlet in the property.

The MainsBoost™ is installed directly onto the incoming supply and under mains pressure fills with water. The CAD2 water chamber is surrounded by a positive pre–charged air pressure sealed within the vessel. When the chamber is full the unit reaches a state of pressure equilibrium, i.e. the water pressure and pre-charge pressure are balanced. The MainsBoost™ system now has a volume of water “locked and loaded” at pressure, ready for distribution throughout the property. As an outlet is opened, the water is forced out of the unit, boosting the incoming mains water supply.

Water Boosting Installations

MainsBoost™ systems require no power supply or drainage, are silent in operation and are maintenance free for a minimum period of 5 years. The perfect ‘GREEN ENERGY’ water boosting solution. Don’t worry though if your property is one of those unfortunate ones with static water pressure at less than 2Bar or you have the latest in high tech bathroom appliances; the MainsBoost-plus™ will increase water pressure up to 3.5 Bar and deliver flow rates up to 80lpm throughout the property.

MainsBoost™ Water Performance Systems are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every application and are ideal for properties with poor flow rates, including old or shared mains, multi bathrooms or high demand showers and taps. Plumbing Wise take great care to ensure the correctly sized MainsBoost™ system is installed in your home, to make sure your expectations are met and even surpassed.

Plumbing Wise are a TWS preferred installer for MainsBoost™ Water performance systems and the full range of TWS water boosting equipment including the innovative iBoost200.

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