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The Electric Boiler Installers for North London

Plumbing Wise can provide an electric boiler solution for almost any property from small domestic properties to commercial buildings.

With recent changes in legislation the need for electric boilers has grown massively, with new, improved, technically-advanced models being made available from boiler manufacturers.

We’re here to help, so if you are not sure where to start, or even why you would benefit from an electric boiler, please get in touch and we can guide you through your options.  What’s more we are a Which Trusted Trader, giving you the assurance that our service is second-to-none.

Plumbing Wise - Electric Boiler Installers

Benefits of choosing an electric boiler package

  • The only choice where a gas supply is not available

  • No flue required so can be located almost anywhere

  • Virtually silent in operation

  • Can provide central heating only or central heating & hot water
  • Can be used for underfloor heating

  • Very little wasted heat: over 99% efficient

  • Ideal for flats & apartments, holiday homes or light commercial
  • No fumes and no risk of carbon monoxide
  • No annual safety certificate required
  • Boilers can be used with standard radiators & thermostatic valves
  • Domestic models available from 4kW to 15kW

Why might you need a new electric boiler?

  • My boiler has been condemned

  • I have no gas supply to my property

  • There is no place to put a flue

  • My flue is hidden & I don’t want inspection chambers

  • I have landlord responsibilities & need to keep my tenants safe

The majority of the time, our customers are looking to install an electric boiler for one of two reasons:

1) The existing flue is within a void and not fully visible from the boiler to an external wall.

Recent changes in legislation require any gas flue to be visible across its entire length, frequently requiring substantial works to be undertaken for it to comply with regulations.

2) Insufficient gas supply

Many properties do not have a piped gas supply or have insufficient pipework which does not meet modern boiler requirements.

Choosing the right electric boiler?

Below are a few examples of different domestic heating and hot water arrangements that may exist within your property, and what may be required for a new electric boiler installation.

These are common scenarios and as such will meet the majority of domestic property needs. Our instant quoting service will provide you with a guide price. However, should you need to discuss the possibilities further, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

EHC Slim Jim Electric Heating Company electric boiler products supplied and installed by Plumbingwise throughout North London

Slim Jim Flow Boiler

Output range from 4kW to 14.4kW single phase

An ideal boiler where space is limited.

The SlimJim is typically used to replace conventional gas boilers and can be used for heating, underfloor heating and hot water applications (in conjunction with radiators and a hot water cylinder).

As an independent, wall-hung boiler, all other components listed below are external to it:

  • pump
  • expansion vessel, air vent and bypass
  • time and temperature controls

Fusion Comet System Boiler and Cylinder

Output range from 6kW to 14.4kW

The compact design of the boiler makes it ideal for heating applications where space is at a premium.

The Fusion Comet system boiler/cylinder is typically used to replace a conventional gas boiler and cylinder and can be used for heating, underfloor heating and hot water applications (in conjunction with radiators and hot water cylinder).

It has been designed to save space by including the following components within it, thereby eliminating much external plumbing and pipework:

  • Pump
  • Expansion vessel
  • Air vent
  • Bypass

The zone valves and time/temperature controls remain external to the boiler.

EHC Fusion Comet Electric Heating Company electric boiler products supplied and installed by Plumbingwise throughout North London

Electric Combi boiler

Output range from 9kW to 24kW with 50L or 144L Hot Water Storage

An Electric Combi Boiler offers comfort and convenience by providing instantaneous hot water and central heating.

It can be used in properties that have either radiators or underfloor heating.

We offer two types of electric combi boilers, the choice is dependent on space and requirements.

Fusion Astro Electric Combination Boiler

  • Wall hung
  • Output range from 12kW to 24kW
  • Various hot water storage capacities
  • Dimensions: H: 740 mm x W: 435 mm x D: 320 mm

Comet Combi Electric Boiler

  • Floor standing
  • Output range from 9kW to 14.4kW
  • 144L hot water storage
  • Dimensions: H: 1745 mm x W: 581 mm x D: 628 mm

Both are fully-integrated units that are housed in attractive enclosures which are compact in size and designed to fit into a standard domestic airing cupboard.

New boiler installations

Why choose Plumbing Wise as your installer?

Many customers complain that there are plenty of companies online who sell electric boilers, but only a handful who have the knowledge required to LEGALLY install them. The reason for this is the installation requires both a certified electrician (to assess and carry out the electrical work to necessary industry standards) and a heating engineer (to provide the same service on the water-side of things). This is where the problem lies: electricians don’t like working with water and plumbers feel the same about electrics.

This is why most heating companies do not quote for electric boilers: this cross-over capability is not part of their set-up.

Fortunately at Plumbing Wise, we offer both elements with certified electricians and plumbers working together from the initial assessment all the way through to installation completion.

At Plumbing Wise, we are able to offer:

  • A full supply and installation service for your modern electric boiler
  • Provision of hot water tanks and a system of radiators
  • Reassurance of an installation from a fully-qualified boiler engineer

Plumbing Wise is a Which? Trusted Trader

Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme that recognises reputable traders in the home improvement and motor industries.

The aim of Which? Trusted Traders is to raise the standard of the trade industry for consumers, by setting a benchmark they expect all traders to meet before they can become endorsed. All traders who successfully pass their assessment process become a Which? Trusted trader.

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