Gas Safe Boiler Inspections And Certification

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Gas Safe Boiler Inspections And Certificates

Gas Safety inspections by qualified heating engineers save lives.Gas Safe Register

A gas safety inspection helps to ensure that gas appliances are in good working order, are preforming efficiently and are safe to be used. Apart from the flammable nature of gas, we would like to remind you of the dangers of the ‘silent killer’  – Carbon monoxide (CO), which is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, poisonous gas which can be emitted by faulty appliances powered by any fuel that burns.

Our Gas Engineers are Gas Safe Registered and qualified to carry out gas safety inspections and provide Gas Safety Certificates for landlords, tenants and estate agents.

The Gas Safety Inspection

Carbon Monoxide Testing

When choosing a heating engineer to perform safety tests, it is important to ask what they are going to test as part of the inspection. It is not a simple case of testing the gas to make sure it is not leaking. The following list explains what other actions must be carried out during an annual gas safety check:

If you require more information, advice, or would like to book a boiler inspection please feel free to contact us through the website or alternatively give us a call and speak to one of the Plumbing Wise team.

  • Visual inspection of appliance location, terminal, flue route/position, & signs of incomplete combustion.

  • Castings and combustion chamber seals.

  • Gas meter/emergency control valve for accessibility in an emergency, for maintenance & labelling

  • Appliance burner pressure or gas rate or both where necessary.

  • Combustion gas analysis, where specified in the appliance manufacurer’s servicing instructions.

  • Ventilation is clear and sufficiently sized etc.

  • Flue flow and spillage testing where appropriate for correct operation of flue.

  • All flame supervision devices and/or other safety controls for correct operation

  • Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation of appliances

  • Tightness test of the installation of the gas line

Our Unique Landlord Gas Certificate (CP12) Service

For any boilers that Plumbing Wise install or service, we will contact you after 10 and 11 months to arrange the first annual service during the month thereafter.

We are one of the few heating specialists in London who store every Landlord Certificate (Gas Safety CP12) carried out by Plumbing Wise on a database. All of our Gas Safe engineers carry a laptop which links to our database system, so should they need to, they can access a copy of our Gas Certificates as and when required. In the event of the landlord, tenant or agents losing their copy of the safety certificate we can easily provide duplicate copy.

Having carried out an inspection, the tenant and the engineer can simply “sign” a box using the technology on our laptops. A PDF copy of the CP12 can then be emailed to the landlord, estate agency and the tenant. This ensures that all parties do not have to wait for the paper work to be posted and have their own copy.

Gas Safe heating Engineers

Landlords Gas Safety Requirements

It is a legal requirement that Landlords have a Gas Safety inspection carried out on their gas appliances within the rented property once a year. This is done in order to show that they have been properly installed, serviced and are safe to be used.

When tenants vacate a property, landlords must ensure that gas appliances and fittings are safe before re-letting the property. Plumbing Wise are happy to carry out both individual certificates for our landlords and agents as well as for multiple properties as well, at a reduced per property fee.

Gas Safety Register Information Video

National Landlords Association

Carbon Monoxide – Identifying The Signs

Carbon Monoxide is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because it cannot be seen or smelt.

It is possible to identify signs around gas fuelled appliances that indicate there may be a strong risk of it being produced. The list identifies the key indicators of the presence of carbon monoxide.

For more information on Carbon Monoxide safety visit the Carbon Monoxide Be Alarmed website.

  • Sooting or yellow/brown staining on or around your appliance.
  • Excessive condensation in the room where the appliance is installed.
  • Lazy yellow / orange coloured gas flame rather than a sharp blue one
  • Pilot lights that frequently blow out.

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